when i was younger
my father told me to never trust boys
with brown eyes
because “they’re full of shit
up to here”
and he’d point to his forehead
when i met you
and noticed the single brown speck
in your blue eyes
i laughed and said
“you must be full of shit
and very good
at hiding it”
i’m not laughing anymore

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cause now I try not to think
cause I see you when I blink

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i hope i am aware when my heart stops beating
and i hope it happens soon
i want to close my eyes and hear it slow
let it be the only sound in the room

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if scars best
convey the story,
i read a novel every time
i see the sadness in
your eyes

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we used to check for change
in payphones
to spend in quarter machines
now we look for change
in people
the world is full of fiends

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he traded liquor
for the love
of a woman
whose love
was was a lot harder
to swallow

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